Farmy Background

Our Technology

Vertical Indoor Farming allows us to create a near perfect environment to grow vegetables and even fruit by eliminating the risks brought about by unpredictable weather, pests and plant diseases.

The whole growing process uses much less space, labour and water compared to traditional farming.

Our Technology

This is How We Grow The Farmy Way TM

  • The Best Taste, Quality and Freshness
    The Best Taste, Quality and Freshness

    The Farmy way of farming is tailored to deliver the tastiest, freshest and cleanest greens to our partners, customers and communities.

  • Sustainable Indoor Farming
    Sustainable Indoor Farming

    At Farmy, we grow all of our greens in controlled environment indoor farms that use up to 90% less space, water and fertilizer than traditional farming.

  • No Pesticides Ever
    No Pesticides Ever

    Growing indoors with our proprietary technology allows us to farm more efficiently and safely without the use of pesticides, herbicides or fungicides.

  • Year Round Growing Come Rain or Shine
    Year Round Growing Come Rain or Shine

    By controlling temperature, air, light and nutrient conditions we are able to provide the most beneficial growing environments for our greens all year round. We achieve this by utilizing hydroponics and custom LED grow lights.

  • Hyper Local, Adaptable and Scalable
    Hyper Local, Adaptable and Scalable

    Our farms are located in city centers and our technology is adaptable and scalable enough that we can pretty much set up a farm in any given location whether it be a shopping mall, warehouse or shoplot. Being so close to our communities allows us to deliver the freshest greens possible and shortening traditionally long supply chains.

Farmy Vegetables
The Farmy Difference

The Farmy Difference

Our technology and commitment to redefine farming allows us to farm at the highest levels of efficiency, quality and taste.

At Farmy, we start by choosing the most flavorful seed varieties of every plant we grow. We only source our seeds from non-GMO breeders.

We then nurture our seeds in a nursery for 1-2 weeks before moving the seedlings into our main growing area. Throughout this entire journey, we create the perfect indoor conditions for healthy plants to thrive. Our system ensures that our plants are given a special growing recipe of nutrients, temperature, lights & air.

Lastly, our team of farmers carefully harvest and pack our greens for our partners, customers and communities. After each harvest, we collects data points to make each harvest even better.